Application area

With the continuous application expansion of the mechanical intelligence automation in the market, E-Join may have the equipment that you need.
Here are some application cases. If your problem cannot be solved here,please contact us.

Process application
  • 精密位控压装


  • 柔性化密封装配


  • 精确力控压装


  • 精密锁铆


  • 齿圈装配


  • 折弯包边


  • 压印成型


  • 卡接


Application industry

Automobile industry>>

  • Engine

    Press fitting of connecting rod bushings, connecting rod pins, bearing cap pins, engine cylinder head valve seats, cylinder head valve guides, thermostats, water pumps, EGR valves, etc.

  • Gearbox

    Press fitting of sprocket bearings, shifting fork liners, hollow dowel pins, sealing rings, etc.

  • Differential mechanism

    Press fitting of bearings, composite liners, oil seals, etc.

  • Chassis system

    Press fitting of steering knuckle bearings, swing arm bushings, connecting rod bushings, steering knuckle wheels, sub frames, power steering system (EPS), ABS valves, etc.

  • Wheel hub related

    Press fitting of wheel bearings, gear rings, oil seals, bolts, etc.

Electric motor industry>>

  • Power supply system

    Welding positioning of battery modules and press fitting of battery tray liners

  • Electric drive system

    Press fitting of drive motor, power steering system, mechanical rotating device, controller, reducer, etc.

  • Thermal management system

    Press fitting of water pumps, oil pumps, electronic water valves, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, compressors, radiators, etc.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell

    Press fitting of hydrogen fuel cell stack

  • Automotive electronics

    Press fit of laser radar /millimeter wave radar pins, press fit of wire harness connections, press fit of sensors, etc.

Exploring more application areas>>

Practical application cases