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Need to find the right mechanical solutions?

If you are unsure which solution is suitable for you, please feel free to call us.

Why choose E-Join?

What E-Join provides you is not only the high-quality products of servo presses and servo electric cylinders, but also the professional and effective technical support as well as the convenient and timely after-sales service.

  • Process development

    Work piece pressure estimation, formulation of press fitting process, formulation of testing standards for press fitting process, work piece classification, loading, unloading, and screening process, etc.

  • Trial press fitting of work pieces

    Perform trial press fitting of the work piece according to the customer's process requirements, and provide testing report or video.

  • Leasing

    Can lease our equipment or we can provide small batch press fitting services.

  • Local and remote technical support

  • Calibration services

  • Spare parts services